Frequently. Asked. Questions

What are your arrival and leaving times

Our standard arrival time is 6.30pm and the finish time is 12am. 

Early arrival

We suggest that if evening timings are tight, it is worth booking the engineer and drummer to arrive early to set up their bits, because it is by far the most time consuming part. It is £10 per hour for each the drummer and engineer. 

Party Music Extention

if you want to keep the party music going later than 12am, we have options until 2am 

What is your fee

It varies slightly gig to gig and band to band. But our prices start from at little as £790. Each band has an in depth and instant quotation form, which will be able to give you a 100% accurate quote immediately. 

How long is your set up

Typically 30-45 minutes from arrival to the party music starting. 


We are totally self contained with sound and lighting. But if you have extra lighting that you want to use, it will always add to the vibe! Regarding party music, we have all the tools needed for it. But if you have a specific playlist, let us know. 

Why are the bands not on social media

In short. I found it was a huge waste of time and found myself only posting as proof that the bands are gigging. It majorly became more about proving ourselves that showing potential clients what we do. I thought it was better to focus this effort into the shows and posting some of the great moments on the bands profiles. 

Can we see the bands live

Usually not. But some of them do a few pub/club gigs, but we don’t advertise these. Best bet is to get in touch about which band you want to see, and we can let you know where and when, if they are gigging. 

What is included with the booking

As standard, each booking incudes 2 hours of live music, PA & Lighting, Party Music from 7pm until 12am, PLI & PAT, First Dance Request free. 

What are the addons

Most typically it is extra party music, such as 1am or 2am. Additional musicians. Afternoon or ceremony sets. Early arrival for drummer & engineer.  

Can you play venues that have noise limiters

Yes. We’ve learned how to deal with them so they usually aren’t an issue at all. 

How do you organise payment

We take a deposit which covers our admin & PA costs. Then the remainder is cash on the night. We have a breakdown on the summary part of our quote form. 

Do you have PLI & PAT

Yes, we have both 

Do you do requests?

For first dance songs, mostly yes. For general requests, ask us! We usually say yes. 

Can we choose the set list

In short, no. With the exception of All-Stars and Bandeoke. 

All of the bands react to the audience in front of us and change things if needed. But do get in touch with must haves or must nots!

With All-Stars and Bandeoke. You are in charge!

Do we need to provide food and drink

Yes please. Food, water bottles and soft drinks are great. 

If it isn’t possible to provide us with food and drink, please let us know so we can arrange our own.